Who Are the Ladies of the Cross Section?

A few months ago, my friend Beth Frederick said to me, “Hey I think that you, Bea and I could have some fun doing a podcast and a blog.”  

“What would we talk about?” I said.  “The same things that we always talk about!” she said.  The ladies of the Cross Section, Beth Frederick, Bea McDonald, and I love to laugh and we love to talk.  We originally come from different areas of the country; but we are all three mothers, political junkies, and conservative Christians. 

Well, we love to talk about politics and we love to talk about our faith.  Now, I know that those are two distinctly different topics.  But here’s the thing; my Christian faith affects my world view.   

So, sometimes, we’ll talk politics, and sometimes we’ll talk about spiritual issues and sometimes the two subjects might be talked about at the same time.  

Here’s our promise to you.  We’ll give you our unvarnished opinion.  If you don’t share our opinion, that’s o.k.  We can still be friends.  That’s how it should be.  Let us know how you feel.  We want your feedback.  Be watching for the podcast.  We’re working on it! 

Shelly Robbins


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