What’s Good for the Goose….

The problem with government solutions to our very real problems is that very often those who write the laws are not in a position to feel the pinch of the solutions that they prescribe.  Below, in an article from the Chicago Sun Times, is a candid answer from our president to a question that was asked of him by a neurologist about the healthcare solutions that are being proposed.  The answer is very illuminating.  You and your loved ones will be bound by whatever limitations are placed on healthcare by the government.  President Obama doesn’t want his health care decisions made by the government.  He just wants you and I to have our healthcare decisions made by the government.  Those who write the laws should have to live with them and if they can’t, then it’s probably not a very good law for you and I.

I’d rather make my own decisions, thank you.  I’d rather be able to say to my health insurance provider, “I don’t like the service that you are providing so I am going to shop around for another provider.”  Let’s be very careful before we give away the right to choose our own destiny. 

This is from an article in the Chicago Sun Times written by Lynn Sweet on June 24th, 2009:

Dr. Orrin Devinsky, a neurologist and researcher at the New York University Langone Medical Center, said that elites often propose health care solutions that limit options for the general public, secure in the knowledge that if they or their loves ones get sick they will be able to afford the best care available, even if it’s not provided by insurance.

Devinsky asked the president pointedly if he would be willing to promise that he wouldn’t seek such extraordinary help for his wife or daughters if they became sick and the public plan he’s proposing limited the tests or treatment they can get.

The president refused to make such a pledge, though he allowed that if “it’s my family member, if it’s my wife, if it’s my children, if it’s my grandmother I always want them to get the very best care.”


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