Time Is Running Out

Time is running out to make your feelings known about proposed healthcare legislation. Currently the administration is pressing the Congress to fast track healthcare reform that will affect 100% of our population for the foreseeable future. Our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren will be footing this bill. The possibility of healthcare rationing such as is done in Great Britain is a distinct possibility. For example, people with stage 4 breast cancer in England are now being told that they will not receive chemo treatment due to the expense. The waiting list in Canada for various procedures is why many Canadians come to our country for care.
I don’t know how each of you feel, but I feel that this is something that should not be done without careful consideration to the costs, the effect to quality and availability of healthcare, etc. I was stunned that almost a trillion dollars of stimulus money was passed without our representatives being given enough time to digest fully what was in the legislation. That is the same kind of pressure that is being brought to bear on our senators and representatives now.

Please call or email your senators and express your opinion this week. The committee in charge of this is evaluating the various proposals and will be recommending legislation very soon. Encourage others on your address list to do this as well.

Whatever your opinion is, let it be known! If you live in Arkansas, your senators can be reached at pryor.senate.gov and lincoln.senate.gov. Their telephone numbers and email forms are on these websites.

Let’s participate in our democracy!


Shelly Robbins



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